Wireless Payments

Accept credit card payments by not being plugged in. Go wireless.

Being wireless allows you to securely and easily accept payments without having a device plugged into a land-line, ethernet cable, or attached to a power cord.

Restaurants are perfect examples when it comes to being wireless. A wireless device allows a waitress to go to a table to take an order and even accept payment. Another example is a grocery store. There may be a front register at one end of the store and smoothie bar at another. The smoothie bar would be the perfect place to put a wireless device, such as a tablet, to swipe credit cards.

It’s simple to use a cell phone or tablet as the wireless device. If purchasing equipment, it will come with the software downloaded. If using your own equipment, you can login to your app store or google play to download the app to your phone or tablet. Just like Square or Stripe, you can use a swiper that attaches to your iPhone or Android allowing you to swipe the card.

If there is no credit card present, key-in the card on the app or virtual terminal. The app will allow you to enter in the credit card information by hand on your phone or tablet. You can also enter the card in using a virtual terminal. A virtual terminal can be accessed by going to a URL from any device (phone, tablet, computer) and logging in using your credentials. This can be done in front of the customer or over the phone.

Unless you want it, we will not set you up with a flat rate. Instead, we will help you put more money in your pocket.

What doesn’t matter. . .
The size of your business, the number of transactions or the amount of the transactions.

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