Point of Sale Terminals also known as POS Systems.


Overwhelmed? We are unbiased and as brokers will help you decide which POS is the best fit for your business before you spend way too much money.

Know your options. As a broker, we can provide you with options. There are many credit card processing companies out there. Let us help you find the one that works best for your business. We will go through a checklist of questions, do our homework and provide you with options. As we like to say often “One Size Does Not Fit All”. One processor may be good at providing a POS perfect for restaurants, but that same POS is not the best fit for a grocery store.

There are multiple terminal configurations including countertop, wireless and integrated payment solutions. A POS System is ideal for any business that has inventory.

Tracking Inventory
Save time by easily tracking inventory through a POS System. This allows you to reorder products when you become low and know which items are your best sellers.

Sales Reports
Software in a POS System allows you to analyze your business in different ways. Print reports according to sales, items sold, time periods, promotions, by store if you have more than one, by employee or sales clerk, and much more.

Scan Items
With a POS System you can attach a scanner which allows you to scan items as the customer checks out.

Cash Register
A POS System can come with a cash register or you can use your current cash register to accept cash or checks.

Employee Management
Monitor your employees or provide a time clock. These are a few things available to have included in your POS System.

Create ease for your accountant. Instead of sorting through a ton of receipts, they can use built in reports or create their own reports to use.

If you are looking for more, we can even help you find a POS Sytem that can include gift and loyalty, marketing,

We are independent and therefore will help you find the one that works best for your business. Contact us today at 941-677-3891.

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