Integrated Payments

Keep the hardware, middleware, and software you currently have. If you don’t need the upgrade, this is the way to save money. Plus we help you save money in fees and rates. Not to mention, we are there to help in case a problem arises.

We can help provide seamless integration with eletronic cash registers, POS (Point-of-sale) Systems, kiosks, and more.

What is hardware when it comes to running a credit card?
Hardware is equipment used to run the credit card. Such as a terminal or device sitting on a table. When you go to Walmart or McDonalds, you are running your credit card through a terminal.
A processor will download their program into your hardware. In some cases, we can remove their download and place the download from the new processor into it.

Are you using middleware to run credit cards?
Middleware is software that acts as a bridge between an operating system or database and applications.?Let’s say you found a company on Google that allows you to schedule appointments, create invoices, and accept payments online. We would need to know what the name of that software is. Then tell you how we can integrate in a processor that would allow you to save money. These software companies partner with a processor in order to make more money from you. Thus the higher fees. Some examples of software used commonly is 17 Hats, Jobber, Mind and Body, Quickbooks, etc.

Are you running credit cards using a certain type of software?
Software is the program or other operating information used by a computer. ?A good example would be Quickbooks. Quickbooks is a software that allows you to do your bookkeeping and accept payments via credit card through it’s own software called Intuit. Because it is owned by the same company, they charge higher fees and rates. We can set you up with a processor who will integrate with Quickbooks and sync your data between it and the gateway.

Integration would apply to these types of business . . .
Restaurants, small businesses, trades,

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