Smart Terminal

Upgrade your credit card hardware with the Payanywhere Smart Terminal.
It’s like a Verifone or Ingenico on steriods.

Free Placement | $9.95/month/device software fee

Choose Processing Pricing

You decide what is best for your business.

You Pay

Get the absolulate best rates on a traditional processing account.

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Customer Pays

Be upfront with your customers. Offer two prices. Cash or Credit.

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We Match or Beat Your Current Price

Currenty have a merchant account?
Let us take a look!

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You Pay-
Traditional Merchant Account

  • No flat rate. Pay the swipe rate. Interchange Plus Pricing.
  • Rates as low as .50%
  • Next Day Funding
  • No contract. Month-to-month. No Cancellation Fee.
  • Get approved within 24-48 hours
  • Free marketing with The Badgers

Customer Pays-
You Pay Nothing!

Pass Fees on to customer. Cash Discount Program.?

Be upfront with your customers. Offer two prices.?We provide you with signage that tells customers you have a cash and credit price on each item.?This machine calculates it for you and allows you to choose cash payment or credit card payment. The receipt reflects the payment made whether cash or credit. Reports make it easy for you or your bookkeeper.

  • No Contract. Month to Month. No Cancelation Fee.
  • No Extra Misc or Hidden Fees. No PCI Fees.
  • Next Day Funding
  • Get approved within 24-48 hours.
  • Free direct marketing to the biker community through advertising with The Badgers.

We Match or Beat Your Current Pricing

Email us your current merchant statements. We can take a look to see if we can save you any money. If we can’t, we will match what you currently have plus you get the free marketing directly to bikers through The Badgers.

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Free Advertising

The Badgers will market your business directly to
the biker community.

I wasn't sure what my current processor was charging, so I had Momma Badger take a look. She was able to save me a bunch of money and grow with me by providing the equipment I needed when I needed it.

– Lisa Herren, Tatt Cemetery