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Mobile Payments & Beyond

Accept Payments on the go using your mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Unlimited Options

Let us help you find the right mobile payment device and processor for your business!

It does not matter how many transactions you do or the amount of money you run in a month. . . we help ALL BUSINESSES.

We help small businesses when others cannot! Don’t turn to Square, Stripe or PayPal, Intuit. Let us help you find a better alternative.

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#DontBeASquare... Cause their never a "round"


Cheap processing rates


No flat rate. Save by paying the swipe rate.


No Set Up Fee


Get access to your funds as soon as the next day


Print or send digital receipts to your customer?s inbox.


No contract, just month to month


Mobile bluetooth card readers


Use our readers with iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.


No need to chase checks.


Automatic Recurring Billing


Sign in to your free dashboard anytime to see your business at a glance.


eCheck - deduct from bank account


Free Advice/Research From The Badgers (Anytime)


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Mobile Swiper

Let us help you find the right device for your business.

Mobile Swipers for Mobile Phones

Mobile Swipers for Tablets

Mobile Swipers that accept Chip and Pin Credit Cards

Free Mobile App Download

USB Swiper for Desktop/Laptop


As brokers with many companies and 15+ years of experience, you get the benefits.

Wholesale Rates

No Setup Fee

24-48 Hour Funding

No contract, month to month

Your Own Merchant Account

Run high tickets without being declined

Accept High Risk Businesses

Free Advice and Research

We grow and change as needed with your business

Send Receipts

With a push of the button, customers can get a receipt. Straight from your mobile phone, your customer or you can enter their email address. Your customer will then receive an email with their receipt.

You can also connect a printer if you want to print receipts for your customers directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

Easy Tipping

Allow your customers to tip you when they are checking out. Or, take the?guess work out. You can set tip amounts for the customers to choose when they are signing for their purchase on your phone or tablet. For example: 10%, 15%, 20%

free add-ons


Digital Invoicing

From completely free to a small monthly fee, we can show you various “mobile payment gateways” your business could use to provide digital invoicing options.

  • Simply bill your client through an invoice you emailed to them. Provide a link to click within the emailed invoice and/or place a “Pay Invoice” button on your website.

Recurring Billing

Did you know there are even free “mobile” payment gateways that allow your business to set up automated recurring billing? They provide easy-to-use tools for submitting and managing recurring transactions also known as subscription-based transactions. Giving you the ability to create subscriptions manually or in your web checkout form.

Keep Card On File

Some “mobile” payment gateways even include the ability to keep a credit card on file. Great for businesses who take a deposit and charge the final payment on a later date.


eCheck Processing Add-On

How would you like to have a mobile payment gateway that allows you to add-on the ability to process a check electronically? Clients are given the option to pay by credit card or to pay from their bank account. They would enter their bank routing and account number.


Turn your mobile device or computer into a point-of-sale terminal. Quickly click on the item(s) to add to their purchase. Then at checkout take cash, check or swipe their credit card.

Only One Account For All

Want to be able to take a credit card in person, over the phone and on your website without having to have separate gateways. All your transactions (online, phone, or on a mobile swiper) go into one account. Don’t sign up to have two different merchant accounts, have one that does it all!

We’ve been helping businesses since 2005!


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We are independent. . . for free we help you find the right equipment and processor that works best for your business.

With “mobile payment” options you can securely and easily accept payments using your cell phone or tablet.

It’s simple, login to your app store or google play to download the app to your phone or tablet. Just like Square, Stripe or Paypal, you can use a swiper that attaches to your mobile device allowing you to swipe the card.

If there is no credit card present, key-in the card on the app or virtual terminal. The app will allow you to enter in the credit card information by hand on your phone or tablet. You can also enter the card in using a virtual terminal. A virtual terminal can be accessed by going to a URL from any device (phone, tablet, computer) and logging in using your credentials. This can be done in front of the customer or over the phone.

Unless you want it, we will not set you up with a flat rate. Instead, we will help you put more money in your pocket.

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