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Why is a personal credit card agent important when it comes to customer service?

We’ve been in the industry since 2005 and if you want a personal agent who is here today and tomorrow, we would like the opportunity to handle all your credit card processing needs.

Agents in the credit card processing industry come and go. They sign up their friends and family and then realize they need to get a lot of accounts to make a living. When they are gone, we come along to pick up the pieces.

Many banks at one time hired agents. Now those banks have sales agents and a 1-800 number to a call center to answer all your questions. Have you noticed when you call your local bank they send you to a whole different department?

Signing up for a credit card processing company online does not give you a personal agent. Again, you call a 1-800 number for any issue or question you may have. If it is a third party, like Square, PayPal, Stripe, or Intuit, you are sharing the same account with everyone else who has accounts with that company. You now have a third party between you and your money.

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Steve from Cheetah Print and Theresa from Perk N Brew


Our Clients Pictured: Steve from Cheetah Print and Theresa from Perk N Brew

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