Don’t get a 1-800 agent by signing online or going through a bank

“free” personal clover agents

cheaper pricing – all the same stuff

Why us?

Clover / First Data – hire agents like us to sell you their products and services.

They pay us when you sign with them. We want your business so we charge less on equipment and provide low rates. If we want to get paid, we need to keep you happy.


Payments and Deposits Made Easy

Just like everyone else. Swipe, dip, tap, or take cash?accept all the ways your customers like to pay. And get the funds in your bank account as fast as the next business day.


That’s where we really are different. We need your business.
We price you low to keep your business.
For us to stay in business, we need to have a good reputation.

What system should you get?

Clover products can be as minimal or full-featured as you want it to be. And it will always grow and scale with your business. We help you choose the best system for your business. We will not over charge.

Customer Service

Contact us directly with any questions, not the 1-800 number.

How can we help you today?

For immediate

assistance call our office


Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST

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