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Cash Discount Alternative

Is it the right program for your business?

Fears . ..
Can I surcharge in my state?
Will I lose customers?

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We don’t want you signing? up for a program that could potentially put your business at risk.
When Covid-19 in 2020 hit, they noticed a huge spike in the amount of credit cards being swiped at checkout.
With you, the small business,taking a hit, we knew you needed a way to cut your costs on credit card processing fees in order to stay in business.
Out of the many “Cash Discount” programs floating around in the industry, The “Edge” Program makes the most sense for a small business. This program cuts out the legal concerns of surcharging, cash discounting, charging a convenience fee, etc.?

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Is this the right program for your business?

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What is Edge?

EDGE combines the old cash discount programming with a new
method of selling and explaining in addition to the new flat rate
pricing model. This allows a merchant to get a deposit that more
closely matches the batch, less the ?Non-cash Adjustments? collected
EDGE provides the merchant with access to programs and
technology that make this happen easily for them.

Edge Program Positioning

EDGE is positioning the entire program as a PRICE INCREASE that takes place at the point of transaction instead of repricing every item.

This makes business sense.

Easy to explain and give customers the opportunity to save on the increase by paying cash.

This approach can be applied to all forms of non-cash payment

Employee Explanation

Employees can say?.
In order to not raise all of our prices, we have only
added an increase when cash is not used. Otherwise
we could?ve raised our prices on everything whether
cash, credit cards or other forms of payments are used.

Edge Program Difference – Advertising

Any advertising must have the following disclaimer:
?Price listed and advertised are Cash prices only”

Staying off the Radar

EDGE is flying in the same space as ?Cash
Discount? but we are taking an approach that
makes business sense and aligns more with
card brand requirements

Daily Discount

Daily Discount is the default setting for EDGE

Discount – the fees charged the merchant on the entire batch is taken out of the deposit.

The main point of having EDGE customers on daily discounts is to keep the fees at the end
of the month at $0
Flat Rate Pricing + Daily Discount + % Cash Discounting

Businesses that would be set up on Monthly Discount

Daily Discount is the default setting for EDGE

There are scenarios that will warrant a merchant to be on Monthly Discounting

Those include:
-Accounts that take tips
-Accounts utilizing pin debit programs
-Accounts that utilize a flat fee to the card holder
-Small ticket accounts
-When the non-cash adj is ?skipped? on the transaction regularly

Edge Program Difference – Pay Sales Tax

Count the non-cash adjustments collected as ?sales?
When the merchant is claiming their sales, include the Non-cash adj price
increase in their sales totals that they report to the State.

It will be included in the amount that we 1099 them.

If the merchant is in a state that has sales tax, make sure the merchant knows to
pay sales tax on the non-cash adj price increase collected

Fees Charged to the Merchant

Flat % (transaction fee on small ticket accounts) – taken out daily

Possible End of the month fees:
-Equipment fee if applicable
-Gateway fees if applicable
-Chargebacks if they might occur
-Non-pci compliance fees if non-compliant
-Payments HUB if they are subscribed.




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